Founder/Chairman Message

Today, Vaish Vyapar News Channel has become Famous and lovable  channel for Vaish People.90% News used to published for Vaish Samaj and Vaish Vyapari. Our intention is to provide Organised, give Protection and Fight for Right for Vaish Vyapari and Vaish Samaj.

Connecting and Uniting influential and powerful Vaish Vyapari, Industrialists and Skill workers around the world for noble causes such as Service, Knowledge, Economic Empowerment, Social Upliftment and Spiritual Enlightenment of the community. Leveraging and Promoting Vaish managed knowledge Institutions , hospitals , businesses , finances , charity organizations and other trade establishments. Building a platform for young Entrepreneurs to connect with the right resources and contacts for businesses. Promoting and Supporting every Vaish in business , leadership and governance. To provide a platform to young Entrepreneurs to interact and gain purposeful knowledge from the experienced and well established business leaders. Working together and helping each other for making a disease-free, violence-free, enemy-free, conflict-free, ignorance-free, poverty-free social order for ensuring a happy, contended and satisfying living for all.