International Vaish Federation is committed to developing ethical business practices , value based education, knowledge institutions, economic empowerment , political empowerment and to have spiritual awakening to perpetuate the Vaish principles of non-violence, noble charities and peaceful living with compassion and have harmonious, happy and a healthy humanity.



  • Assistance to Vaish candidates preparing for Central and State Civil Services, Medical and other Competitive Examination.
  • Helping Vaish candidates to pursue their professional Studies.
  • Pursuing and encouraging Vaish employers to prefer minimum 15% of community employees.
  • Helping qualified and skilled Vaish people to get gainfully employed.
  • Facilitating skill and entrepreneurship development program.
  • Pension and social security to be provided for Tax Payers.
  • Reservation for members of forward community at all levels


  • Pension and social security schemes.
  • Security, protection and support to senior Vaish citizens.
  • Restraining wasteful expenditure on social functions particularly marriages.
  • Organizing health awareness, yoga and meditation camps.
  • Encouraging social harmony by participating and inviting members from other communities.
  • Organizing seminars , debates and workshops on relevant social issues.

Art and Culture

  • Organizing art and cultural festivals:
  • Essay writing
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Music and Dance
  • Plays and theatre
  • Creating awareness of the true fundamentals and basics of Vaish culture

Women Empowerment, Children and Youth Development

  • Providing education and social support to women.
  • Organizing Inter State and Inter Ghatak children games.


  • Developing political leadership.
  • Bringing about awareness and ensuring that Vaish Community must vote 100% during all elections.
  • Supporting those contesting election  from Panchayat to Parliament

Awards and Facilitations

  • Granting Vaish Ratan for outstanding contribution by members of Vaish Community
  • Granting Vaish Chakra to outstanding Professionals belonging to Vaish Community
  • Granting Vaish Yuva to outstanding contribution by a youth in the field of sports, entertainment, media, book writing etc, belonging to Vaish Community.